Indoor Range Rules

A Reminder on club Indoor Range locations:

No Lead Bullets ( must be copper jacketed, moly coated etc…)
* This is a safety issue for our SO’s and club members to reduce the exposure to lead dust.

No Steel Core Ammo ( if they are magnetic then they are a NoGo) Bullets
* This is a range and club rule.

This is for Indoor Matches Only

General Information on lead:
Lead Poisoning Exposure – Are you at risk?

Just a heads up for some who may not know some facts on Lead Exposure while shooting. While the risk can be minimized it cannot be eliminated totally.

If if you shoot , reload, or even enter shooting ranges you are at risk of Lead Exposure. I have tracked my levels for years, and have seen a sharp spike in mine recently. So I thought I would remind folks to be diligent in minimizing there risk of exposure.

First be careful not to touch your mouth , eyes , nose, while shooting. Wash your hands and face after shooting. Including arms if not covered. Obviously if the lead dust is on your hands and face it is on your clothes , hat, range bag, shoes, etc… Be careful not to track these items through your house, exposing family etc.. To your lead dust picked up at the range. This is why we NEVER broom sweep the range!
The dust is everywhere , do not stir it up.
If you do not understand the amount that can be hazardous to yourself and others her is a example:

How much lead does it take to get lead poisoning?
The amount is incredibly small: 10 micro grams per deciliter of blood.
If you’re metrically challenged, here’s a way to visualize what that means.

  1. A deciliter is about 1/2 of a cup.
  2. A packet of sweetener (either the pink or blue stuff) is one gram.
  3. There are one million micrograms in a gram.
  4. So, divide the stuff from one packet into one million piles. (Pretend!)
  5. Now, discard 999,990 of those “piles.”
  6. Take the remaining 10 piles and mix them into half a cup of liquid.

Voila! You now have a representation of how much lead it takes to poison a child.
As children are much MORE susceptible to lead poisoning, don’t discount that your extended exposure over and over will also have negative health risks for yourself.

Post is not intended to frighten , but to educate your awareness to this potential health risk.
Removing clothing immediately and keeping separate from other laundry, removing shoes before entering the house, and using those shoes only for shooting. Google lead at shooting ranges for a plethora information concerning this subject.

Next time your at the Dr’s office doing blood work, request a lead level test, it’s good info to have.