By being a member of Cross Timbers, you save half off your match fees at each club match. Full membership is only $36 per year.

Schedule of Dues. The fee is prorated depending on the month that you join.
Jan – Full year and all renewals are $36
Feb – $33
Mar – $30
Apr – $27
May – $24
Jun – $21
Jul – $18
Aug – $15
Sep – $12
Oct – $12
Nov – $12
Dec – $12

You can apply and renew in one of 3 ways – just remember, all renewals are $36 and due Jan 1. New members pay the prorated fee above.
1: Apply or renew online: This form includes the paypal links to pay online.

2: Fill out the application form and mail it with your payment to: CTASA, PO Box 24204, Fort Worth, TX 76124-1204

Click here to access the Application Form.

3: Applications and renewals are available at every match and you can apply and pay cash before you shoot and get the match discount that day.